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Grenada’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell


Fellow Grenadians and Friends of Grenada,


On behalf of the Government and People of our Tri-Island State, I extend warmest greetings to each of you reading or listening to this message from the Spice Isle—the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, Grenada.


These greetings and salutations are extended to the People and Government of Quebec, and of Canada in general, and to all Grenadians in Montreal, in particular. It is my distinct honour and pleasure to reach out to you as we celebrate the first anniversary of our Government in Grenada, and as you,  he Spice Isle Cultural Day Association in Quebec (SICDAQ), celebrate the 6th anniversary of this festival, under the theme, “Grenada to the World”.


I take this opportunity to assure you of our government’s commitment to the prioritization of culture as an essential engine of growth. The development of the creative economy is at the forefront of this administration’s transformational thrust, which provides increasing opportunities and spin-offs in a myriad of cultural expressions and in the creative arts.


Your organization, SICDAQ, plays a vital role in highlighting, promoting, and safeguarding our unique cultural heritage in the Diaspora—establishing a focal point for the Grenadian community, enhancing marketing opportunities for local businesses, and boosting tourism, among other valuable advantages.


Grenada continues to share a strong bond with the Government and People of Canada, rooted in mutual respect, cooperation, and shared values. Our Government intends to strengthen this relationship through the exploration of new avenues for collaboration and increased engagement with our vibrant community of Grenadian Canadians who have made significant contributions to both nations through their hard work, talent, and resilience.


It is fitting, as we celebrate this Spice Island Festival in Montreal, that we recognize Dr. Jean

Augustine P.C., C.M., O.Ont., C.B.E., a trailblazing Grenadian in Canada, who is a model,

outstanding educator, community organizer, and the first black woman to be elected to the House of Commons and to serve in the Federal Cabinet of Canada. Dr. Augustine is a shining example of the best of Grenada in our Diaspora and an inspiration to us all.


In closing, I express sincere gratitude to the Government and people of Quebec, and by

extension, Canada, for the kind courtesies extended to the Spice Isle Cultural Day Association to facilitate the planning and hosting of this wonderful annual festival. Please know that although I cannot physically join you in celebrating Spice Isle Cultural Day this year, I look forward to having this opportunity in the near future.


I wish you a safe, festive, and productive celebration, as we each do our part—individually and collectively, at home and in the Diaspora—to move our beloved Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique forward!

With best wishes,

Honourable Dickon Mitchell

Prime Minister of Grenada

Grenada’s Government Seal
Canadian Government Seal


Message from the Prime Minister of Canada


Ottawa 2024

It is with great pleasure that I send my warmest greetings for the 7th Annual Spice Island Cultural Festival and for the 50th Anniversary of Grenada's Independence.
In a country where our diversity is our biggest strength, the contributions that Grenadian
Canadians have made – and continue to make every day – are truly invaluable. And, at a time when some voices around us are focused on division, events like today’s that unite
a community, inspires them to be proud of their heritage, and all the while recognizes the great diversity and the spirit of inclusivity that unite us as Canadians, are more
important than ever before. I would like to thank the Spice Island Cultural Day Association of Quebec (SICDAQ) for their tremendous work organizing this event. Canada and Grenada enjoy strong nation-to-nation and people-to-people ties, and the rich culture, customs, and traditions, of the Canadian-Grenadian community enhances and makes the fabric of our society more vibrant. As we celebrate, enjoy exquisite cuisine and showcases of your culture, today, we also make the hearts and stomachs of all Canadians fuller, and our country stronger.

Please accept my very best wishes.

Canadian Prime Minister
Canadian Prime Minister Signature

The Rt. Hon. Justin P. J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P.

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